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This privacy statement describes Anyhau Oy's privacy policy regarding the service for appointment customers at Anyhau appointment site is referred to as the “Service”. Through the Service, the customer is able to make appointments in the Service to the stores of Anyhau's partners, compare the service offering and take other measures described in the Service. This privacy statement explains, among other things: How Anyhau handles the personal data of individuals What kind of personal information Anyhau may collect from individuals For what purposes Anyhau may use the personal information of individuals The rights of individuals with respect to the personal information we collect

This privacy statement explains, among other things:

1. Registry Administrator

Anyhau Oy

Business ID 3247778-6

2. Registry contact person and contact information

Anyhau Oy
c / o Clarissa Hedman Pöysti
Franzeninkatu 20, 00500 Helsinki

3. The name of the registry

Pet service customer registry (“Register”)

4. Purpose and background of the processing of personal data

The personal data of individuals provided to Anyhau through the Service will be collected in the register in order to provide the Service properly and lawfully. Individuals are Anyhau's customers or users for the use of the Service ("Customer"), but for the booking through the Serivce Anyhau's partners customers. The customer's personal data is used in particular for customer care, communication and direct marketing. The most important part of customer relationship management is related to providing a marketplace for appointments, which are available service hours offered by Anyhau partners. In addition, the personal data provided by the Customer will be transmitted through the Service to an Anyhau partner for whom the Customer has made an appointment. Anyhau's partners can be, in particular, pet grooming, massage, grooming, welfare, or other pet shops.

5. Direct Marketing Authorization

If the Customer has granted Anyhau a direct marketing authorization, Anyhau has the right to contact the Customer for direct marketing by e-mail, telephone or other electronic means of communication. The customer has the right to refuse the direct marketing authorization in all situations by notifying Anyhau.

6. Contents of the Register

The register collects personal data provided by the Customer in connection with the appointment, which is considered necessary for the proper management of the customer relationship. If the Customer has logged in to the Service by providing an e-mail address and password to Anyhau, then in connection with the appointment, the Customer will be requested and collected the following appointment information:

If the Customer has logged in to the Service with a Facebook or Google ID, then in addition to the above information, the following will be collected from the Customer:

7. Regular sources of information in the register

Personal information is obtained when the Customer makes an appointment or otherwise uses the Service (eg in connection with the creation or updating of a user account). In addition to the above, Anyhau can use analytics tools to collect user data, such as IP address and browser version, from users of its website. At Anyhau, we do not use analytics data to identify a user, but we recognize that as part of other data, it may be possible to associate it with an individual. We treat it with the same principles as personal information. Anyhau also reserves the right to use cookies on its website, which may be prohibited in your browser settings.

8. Disclosure of Personal Information

The transfer of personal data is in accordance with the law in all situations. The Customer understands and agrees that in connection with the appointment, his / her personal data will be transferred to an Anyhau partner to whom the Customer has made a reservation through the Service. In this context, the following information will be provided:

The Customer is asked to take into account that the information provided above may also be combined with other personal data of the Customer by the Anyhau Partner, if the Customer has also provided other personal data about it to the Anyhau Partner. In this regard, the Customer is requested to contact and submit their data protection requests directly to the Anyhau’s partner to whom the Customer has made an appointment. Anyhau will not disclose Customer's personal information to any third party other than the above-mentioned Anyhau partners for whom Customer has made an appointment. In addition to the above, personal data may be disclosed to the authorities upon request. The register is stored and protected in such a way that unauthorized parties do not have access to the register data.

9. Transfer of personal data

Anyhau uses subcontractors to provide its Services, which are, from the point of view of data protection law, the so-called processors of personal data. Anyhau may post more information about its privacy practices on its website, and Customer may also contact Anyhau regarding privacy issues. The customer agrees that his personal data may be transferred to third parties through the Anyhau service, provided that the transfer of personal data has been carried out in accordance with EU data protection law. The above includes the right to transfer personal data to a third country outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, provided that the requirements of EU data protection law are fully complied with.

10. Registry Security

Anyhau has organized the data security of the Registry in a generally acceptable manner and seeks to prevent unauthorized access to its information systems maintained by means of information technology as well as to its manually maintained and stored data by means of appropriate technical solutions. Only Anyhau employees and contractors acting on behalf of Anyhau and their employees have access to the information contained in the Register subject to confidentiality regulations.

11. Right of inspection

The customer has the right to know what information about him or her has been stored in the personal register or that there is no information about him or her in the Register. At the same time, Anyhau must indicate the regular sources of information in the Register and where the information in the Register is used and regularly disclosed. A customer wishing to verify their information must submit a request to Anyhau in a handwritten or equivalent certified document.

12. Correcting Information

If, when exercising the right of inspection, the Customer finds, for example, that there are deficiencies or errors in the information in the Register, the Customer has the right to ask Anyhau to correct the information accordingly.

13. Other Rights

Anyhau reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement from time to time to comply with its legal obligations. Anyhau undertakes, on its own initiative or at the request of a person entered in the Register, to correct, delete or supplement information in the Register which is found to be incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or, for example, out of date. If the rectification of the information is not accepted, a reasoned statement shall be given to the person stating the reasons why the claim has not been accepted.

14. Cookie Policy

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